Our members

CITHA is primarily supported by its member associations. In addition, there are associated members who have been involved in foreign trade for many decades and support the work through their commitment and know-how.

CITHA is thus primarily open to associations representing foreign trade interests. Direct company membership is possible in cases where there is no member association in the country in which the company is based.

AICE (Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica) is the Italian Association for Total Cost Management. AICE was founded in 1979 and is a nonpolitical and nonprofit association that aims to promote the culture of Total Cost Management in Italy.

The Austrian Retail Association / Handelsverband is the spokesman and partner of the Austrian retail companies since 1921 and is active as a political independent advocacy group and innovation platform in order to accompany its members in the context of changing market challenges.

The Federation of the German Export Trade (Bundesverband des Deutschen Exporthandels e.V.) is one of the head Organisations of German export business. Its members are the international trading companies in Germany with their special interests in the export sector. The companies are organised in seven regional and one product professional association covering about 850 companies throughout Germany. The main objective of the Federation is aimed at the exchange of Information, supporting the interests of the export trading companies and promoting their relations with their overseas customers.

BGA, Federation of German Wholesalers, Foreign Trade and Services, has been representing associations of wholesalers, foreign trade and services in Germany since 1949. It currently incorporates 72 associations representing 125,000 companies. BGA manages the project and ensures knowledge transfer between the institutions.

The Spanish Exporters and Investors Club is a multisectorial, non-profit, independent, business association whose objective is to represent and defend the interests of the members in their international activity.

Through the union of 36 federations of the branch, the CGI, the French Confederation of Wholesale and International Trade, is the professional organisation representing the whole of the trade in its different dimensions:
  • internal market, in the inter-industry capital goods, non-food and food consumer goods sectors,
  • international market, through both trading companies and international support services companies.

Handel Schweiz is the umbrella organisation of the Swiss wholesale and retail trade. 33 industry associations with a total of 4,000 companies. Handel Schweiz is committed to a liberal policy and to a strong Switzerland.

International Steel Trade Association (ISTA) aims to enable the steel trading industry to have a collective voice which is recognised and respected. It allows all member companies to have a say in the matters that are important to them.